Milestone Excitement At ParcelP

Dear friends of sustainable parcel logistics! 

What an exiting week behind! We made some significant progress on our road to a green and affordable parcel delivery service. 

We pitched our idea at the Startport for Batch#5 of the incubator and accelerator-program in Duisburg, Germany. Due to their focus on logistics, Startport would be a great partner for the upcoming month and the network connected to it is priceless. 

Our first board meeting resulted in extremely helpful insights and advice. 3 advisors gave their best to help ParcelP tackle some challenges. For example, we discussed if a hub model of our delivery network might make it easier to attract pilot customers. This very moment, ParcelP is figuring out how that would affect our profitability and processes. 

Due to the help of our latest team member and CFO, Christof Jütten, we managed to gain in depth insights in alternatives to our current revenue model. Our Excel sheets almost caught fire! We are pleased that we could prove that our assumptions were correct: The competitiveness of our service, a realistic break even, even when our utilization is less than 100 or even 50% and also the savings in energetic terms. 

The upcoming weeks will be most likely equally exciting. We are happy to have you our list of interested public, friends, advisors and partners. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or questions!


The Team of ParcelP